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Welcome to Adult Feed List.
Adult Blogs or Porn Blogs have become a very popular tool in the adult industry. They're easy to install, low cost and require very little ongoing maintenance. More importantly they have become extremly easy to populate through the use of RSS feeds.

A large number of adult sponsor programs now offer frequently updating RSS feeds as part of their marketing tools.

Adult Feed Archive is a database of these sponsors, with daily updated samples of their feeds. Each Sponsor and their relevant feeds are tagged with at least one category. Use the category selection menu on the left, or use the 'All Sponsors' and 'All Feeds' links to browse everthing.

*Adult Feed List takes no responsibility for the content provided within sample RSS feeds obtained from sponsors. Features of each sponsor are subject to change and webmasters should ensure they read each sponsors relevant terms and conditions.

Latest Sponsors

$40-50 Pay Per Signup
70% RevShare
5-10% WM Referrals
9 feeds
9 categories

Web Wide Cash

60% RevShare
5% WM Referrals
9 feeds
1 categories

Rage Cash

$30-35 Pay Per Signup
60% RevShare
5% WM Referrals
20 feeds
13 categories

Database contains:
43 Categories
380 Feeds
28 Sponsors
23rd August 2009
  • Site Launched! Our database is now filled with 300+ individual feeds from 21 unique sponsors.
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